Aaron Chaney – Super Vegan Fitness Coach

Aaron Chaney

Super Vegan Personal Trainer
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Aaron Chaney is a vegan personal trainer in San Diego and online helping busy vegans become super vegans through mindset coaching, nutrition education, and strength training.

Aaron shares with us his own journey of losing more than 30 lbs, getting to 8% body fat, and reversing his digestion issues through a plant-based diet.

We also discuss why you don’t need as much protein as you probably think you do and what foods he eats to get quality protein from.

Aaron shares the types of training he recommends to people looking to build a lean, muscular body.

He also touches on the best part about being a vegan coach.

We talk about his vegan nutrition ebook you can download for free right now from supervegans.net/go that teaches you everything you need to know to eat right on a plant-based diet.

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Aaron shares his own transformational story from when he was a nightclub promoter partying 5 to 6 nights a week for 16 years of his life, weighing over 230 pounds.

He knew it was unsustainable and wanted to make a change. In our conversation, Aaron talks about the pivotal moment in his life when he began changing his mindset through meditation and gratitude and how those powerful tools are now something he shares with his clients to bring them rapid, lasting results.

In fact, Aaron shares a transformational story from one of his clients who lost over 100 lbs by changing his mindset and putting in the work.

Aaron is a super humble, super friendly, super vegan. I’m really grateful I have the opportunity to give this guy a platform share with you his personal journey and his knowledge.

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