Colin Hillstrom – The Healing Powers of Sound

Colin Hillstrom

The Healing Powers of Sound
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Colin Hillstrom has made understanding energy, frequency, and vibration and the role they play in affecting a person's consciousness and spiritual growth his life’s work. From a young age, Colin was intensely drawn to music, quickly becoming a talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Music is not his only passion, though, as Colin was equally drawn toward the study of human psychology and its relationship with spirituality. Over decades, Colin accumulated a wide range of knowledge from classical psychologist like Jung to eastern philosophers like Sri Aurobindo, information he would put to practical use with his consciousness and business coaching clients. 

Eventually, Colin would find a medium that created an outlet for both his passions to merge. Sound baths. 

If you’ve never experienced a sound bath I can only recommend you seek one out at your earliest convenience. Colin's sound baths generally take place at a yoga studio so there is enough room for people attending to find their own, comfortable spaces to lay down and relax. The lights of the studio are turned down, a few candles are lit, and the space is filled for the next 30 to 40 minutes with some of the most beautiful music you’ll ever hear. The music floods through the room as Colin plays from 13 bowls made of quartz, all various sizes, shapes, and colours, and each one emitting its own frequency, or pitch. 

Every sound bath I’ve had a chance to attend has led me down different corridors of my own emotional consciousness, and I’ve always come away from the session with a clarity and resonance that lasts several days and helps me feel more equipped to handle what life has in store for me.

Colin has a deep understanding of what sound offers in the way of healing and the ways we can use it to improve our emotional, spiritual, and physical selves. I was fortunate enough to have interviewed him, during which he shared many of his practical philosophical insights. Colin's love for music, the joy it brings him, and his gratitude for the healing he’s seen it work in both himself and his clients shine through.

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