Danielle Arsenault – Living Foods Educator & Author

Danielle Arsenault

Living Foods Educator
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In this episode, I speak with Danielle Arsenault, the founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education. Danielle's enthusiasm and zest for life extends to many other things as well.

She is a passionate Raw Food Chef, Spanish teacher, an avid outdoor enthusiast, a rock climber, a cookbook author with many titles to her name, she’s a humanitarian, a devout environmentalist, a pure hearted vegan and plant-based nutrition expert ,and a holistic lifestyle coach.

In speaking with Danielle, it’s clear that she’s one of those vegans who anecdotally has that glow about her. There’s an apparent energy and passion behind every word she says. You can tell that she’s doing what she feels called to do in life, the reasons for which are all plainly pure of heart and altruistic.

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Danielle has a treasure trove of knowledge around healthy, mindful, compassionate eating and living, and she’s made it her mission to share what she knows with the world. She empowers people by giving them the tools to make life affirming decisions around food that will help them live their best life.

In our interview, she shares some of that knowledge as we dive into topics like the difference between raw and living foods, when and why food combining matters and how it can assist the digestive system, the role of supplementing and when you might consider supplements, and she shares the three foods she recommends everyone eat on a daily basis.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Danielle. I have no doubt you’ll get a lot out of what she shares. 

Thank you for listening!

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