How Long Does It Take For A Diet To Work?

How long does it take for a diet work?

How long does it take for a diet work?

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We’ve all had food hangovers.

You might get a headache and feel more tired the day after having a late night pizza and soda.

Hopefully, these types of meals are few and far between, as we all know how a regular junk food diet will lead a person to put on weight and experience the associated health problems.

But what are the short term effects of consuming a high fat, high protein western diet?

A 2015 study shows just how quickly the negative impact food has on our health can take effect.

In the study, 20 South Africans following a typical rural diet consisting of high fiber, low fat, low animal protein foods switched with 20 Americans who consumed a typical high fat, high animal protein western diet. The American diet also contained fast food.

In only two weeks, the South Africans began showing significant increases in their biomarkers for risk of colon cancer.
The dietary change was, without a doubt, resulting in exceptional changes to multiple factors known to affect cancer risk.

In contrast, the Americans who adopted the high fiber, low fat, low animal protein diet showed an equally incredible reduction in their biomarkers for the same disease.

Stephen O’Keefe, the lead researcher in the study, stated "In just two weeks, a change in diet from a Westernized composition to a traditional African high-fibre, low-fat diet reduced these biomarkers of cancer risk, indicating that it is likely never too late to modify the risk of colon cancer".


As time goes on, more studies are pointing to the fact that diets higher in fiber and lower in animal protein and fat are linked to a reduced risk of colon cancer.

However, it’s been a common belief that the risk diet poses for causing diseases like colon cancer would take years, if not decades to manifest.

The reversal of these diseases through diet was thought to take equally as long.

This study sheds light on just how quickly eating a poor diet can cause severe damage to the body and, just as quickly, how a healthy diet can begin restoring the body back to health.

As this study seems to point out, by introducing foods high in fiber and low in animal fats and proteins, you can quickly begin reversing the biomarkers for chronic illness and disease.

But why stop there? Shouldn’t it be everyone’s goal not only to reduce risk factors for illness, but also live the most energized, vibrant life possible?

If you have questions about your own diet and how to include more plant based, fibrous foods known to promote health, weight loss, and physical performance, I’ve put together a series of videos that is a complete beginners guide to plant based, whole food nutrition for weight loss and fitness. You can find the link to the first video in the description.

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