How to get the most from your day with morning routines

Welcome back! Can you believe it’s been 12 weeks? How has the journey been? Do you feel more confident with exercise and nutrition? Do you feel like you’re more in touch with your body? Have you noticed any reductions in back, neck or shoulder pain? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

If you look into the lives of the most successful people in history, you will come across a trend. With very little exception, these men and women had a regular morning routine to help them kick start their day.

If you ask, most people would say their morning routine consists of waking up just early enough they can have a shower, get dressed, then possibly wolf down some breakfast while scrolling through emails before taking off for work. While this sort of morning routine might help you have an extra 30 minutes to sleep in, the stress and hurried feelings it will cause may very well cascade through the rest of your day.

Successful men and women, in contrast, generally get up much earlier than would be necessary if they were only concerned with getting dressed and rushing off. Instead, they'll get up a few hours early to allow for a morning yoga routine, to read a chapter of a book, to meditate, or write out their goals for the upcoming day.

By waking up early and taking their time to perform some form of self development practice, these people are making their personal success the number one priority. They have given themselves a sense of accomplishment before the average person's alarm clock has gone off.

The feeling of success and the knowledge of already having accomplished one or two of your goals before you head off for work sets the tone for the day, and can have profound effects on how productive the rest of your day is.

Starting a morning routine should begin slowly. In the same way you developed tiny habits a few weeks ago to accomplish your bigger goals, create a tiny habit to kick start your ideal morning routine. One of the best examples of a tiny habit to launch a morning routine is outlined in a great book titled “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World”, written by retired Navy Seal William H. McRaven.

By making your bed, McRaven says, you will have accomplished the very first task of the day. The simple act of making your bed will give you a small sense of pride, which will encourage you to do the next task, then the next. By the end of the day, the simple act of making your bed will have resulted in many other tasks being completed, helping you see how the little things in life matter. And, when you get home from a long, productive day, you’ll be greeted by a bed that is made.

This week's goal is to start by making your bed. Don’t worry about stretching or doing a workout in the morning. If it is a goal of yours to introduce exercise or stretching into your morning routine that’s fine, but start small by making your bed. From there, you can begin introducing other tiny habits that can be built into your ideal morning routine.

As always, thank you for joining in on today’s lesson. If you got something out of it or have any questions, please let me know in the comments. If you’re enjoying this fitness program and know of a friend or family member who could also benefit, please feel free to share the sign up link with them. And, as always, the secret to getting ahead is getting started. So go get started!