Jane Elizabeth – Badass Rebel Runner and Vegan Coach

Jane Elizabeth

Badass Rebel Runner

And Vegan Coach

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Jane Elizabeth is an inspiring teacher and coach with an equally inspiring story. Jane taught herself to be a strong role model for her daughter by taking control of her health by adopting a whole food, vegan diet, and now she’s teaching others to do the same.

During our interview Jane and I talk about what it means to align your actions with your values. Jane speaks to the important role parents are playing to help shape a better future for our planet. Jane shares with us how she navigates conversations around veganism, what can often be a controversial subject, through kindness, compassion, and constructive open mindedness with the person she’s speaking with.

Jane believes in the power of inspiring others to change by being the change she wishes to see in the world. From a practical level, Jane dives into how she breaks down big goals into manageable sections, and how she teaches her clients both in person and online to find their awesome, as she puts it, by achieving their big goals using the same tools. In fact, she even has her very own online training app which I’ve linked in the show notes for this episode.

Jane is a genuinely, compassionately empowered individual, and that shines through in our interview together.

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