Mike Case – Vegainz Coach

Mike Case "Vegainz"

Vegan Strength Coach
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Mike Case, or as he’s known on the internet "Vegainz Coach", is here to help you destroy the myth that you can’t build a strong, lean, muscular body on a vegan diet and he does it by teaching you how to eat and how to lift.

Mike has been a strength coach for over 10 years, first starting out in the UK, before training in NZ and now based in Melbourne, Australia. For more than half of his career as a strength coach, he’s been fuelling his workouts with a whole food plant-based diet.

What he loves about this type of lifestyle is that typically, it turns everything the textbooks tell you about nutrition and strength on its head.

We talk about why building strength is important for everyone, no matter what your goals are, how strength training helps build a strong mind just as much as a strong body, as well as how strength training helps the aging process.

Mike brings a holistic view to strength training and shares his thoughts on the importance of mobility, flexibility, and moving well. He tells us why people lose their physical potential and how it stems from the modern sedentary lifestyle. He also shares techniques he uses with his clients to help restore you back to your peak potential.

His own journey to how he became vegan is really inspiring, and he talks about how important it was to have a mentor during that transitional process.

Mike takes a very compassionate, holistic view of what a vegan diet can do for the health of your body, the health of the planet, and the welfare of the animals we share it with.

Mike is an inspiring dude. You’re about to learn a lot from this guy, and I highly recommend you check out his Instagram @vagainzcoach to continue being inspired by all of his great workout and nutrition advice.