Tom Trittner – Vegan Influencer and Personal Trainer

Tom Trittner

Vegan Influencer & Personal Trainer
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Tom Trittner is a vegan personal trainer in Vienna, Austria. Tom has been engaged in the health and fitness industry for over 8 years, and eventually decided to share his knowledge by mentoring others and becoming a personal trainer in 2017.

Tom hasn’t always been vegan, and his origin story for how he became a vegan personal trainer is very unique, especially for someone as young as he is. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I’ll let Tom tell that story.

We cover a variety of topics, including the misconceptions other trainers have about his diet and what a person needs to thrive in their body. Tom shares his thoughts on proper training techniques and tips for those just getting started, and we cover how to make eating a whole food, vegan diet simple.

Tom is a very knowledgeable, interesting guy to talk to. He’s proof that you can build a strong, lean body on a vegan diet, and he’s helping his clients and followers on social media build their best body’s. 

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